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Ensuring that all of your business’s Internal & client communication emails are well-drafted and professionally designed is a sure way to elevate your branding to the next level. Infact, focussing on the seamless execution of Corporate email campaigns is as important as that of Marketing campaigns.

BeyondTheClick (BTC) services include emailer strategy, messaging content, mail layout designing, HTMLizing mailers (if needed), mail shooting, and performance reporting.

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Corporate Email Campaigns

Best Practices In Corporate Email Campaigns

  • Getting the email database list right – The email campaign’s strategy, execution, and results all depend on the quality & targeting of the database used. In short, the purpose of the mailer campaign should match the profile of the recipient of the mail. If companies want their email marketing plan to be truly successful, they must invest in sourcing high-potential opt-in databases and put efforts into regularly screening their existing mailing lists. This fool-proofs the marketing initiative against low Open rates and high Bounce rates. Some of the efficacious ways of collecting authentic email IDs include Newsletter subscriber lists, LinkedIn connections, current customer lists, Lead form on the company website, exhibitions, publisher lists, etc. The BTC team works with only genuine email providers and can help you source relevant databases for your business.
  • Email or newsletter creative design – The design should not just be visually attractive but also provide for a logical & clutter-free User-flow while scrolling. The core message of the email copy should be clearly presented and the Call-To-Action (CTA) placements must compel the reader to take some kind of positive action.
  • Email shoot timing & frequency – By reviewing emailer performance metrics & Analytics code, we can figure out the best days or time to shoot out promotional mailers. Sometimes the mailing servers also take time processing high volume shoots. So, it’s best to plan ahead and fix an appropriate shoot time to optimize the campaign. It is also crucial to space out emailers/newsletters to avoid giving the recipient ‘marketing fatigue’. Sending daily mails might make the audience unsubscribe from the list or even derive a negative image of the brand.
  • A/B testing for email campaigns – Testing is one of the most advocated ‘best practices’ in Emailer campaigns. A/B testing can be done by splitting a database into two and sending out different emails to both lists. This is done to optimize the campaign strategy for getting a maximum response. Such tests can be done on Subject lines, core messaging, design visuals, or CTA usage. It is important to keep other variables (like time of shoot) constant to summarize the proper result of testing.
  • Measuring email campaign results – Now that tracking techniques have evolved so much, measuring email campaign performance has become really easy. From email Sent% & Open% to Click-throughs (CTRs) & Bounce rates, all can be tracked. With Google Analytics code integrations, one can even measure website visits sourced from promotional mailers.
    At BTC, we work in a very transparent manner and schedule regular email reports to our clients.
Corporate Email Campaign Services
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At BTC, we design a variety of exceptional Corporate email campaigns. Emailers are one of the best ways to convert an ‘interested lead’. From our experience, the response to targetted email communication garners great traction and response.

1Promotional or Follow-up emailers to fresh leads received via website contact forms, exhibitions, on-ground activation campaigns, etc.

2Newsletters for existing clients with updates on your business, the launch of new products/services, upcoming events, CSR activities, or awards.

3We facilitate email shoots to corporates or customers for lead generation or promotional purposes. Database to be provided by the client.

4Make your IT, Finance & HR teams’ lives easier with pre-designed automated emails for regular reporting.

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