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Success With Mobile Marketing Strategies

With the ease of access, cheaper devices, and affordable internet plans, avenues for Mobile-based advertising is certainly at its peak potential today.

- An average mobile user spends over 5 hours on his/her device.
- Million-dollar purchases are done daily via eCommerce apps.
- More than 50% of Google searches happen via smartphones.
- Social Media apps drive high-quality brand engagements.
- Usage of Mobile Wallets is soaring with players like GooglePay, PhonePe, and PayTM collectively having 175+ million transacting users in India.

With such stats in play, it is evident that Mobile Advertising is not something your business can afford to leave out in your Marketing plan!

Mobile Marketing

Here's Where Your Competitors Are Spending:

  • Reach building using Search ads on Google’s mobile advertising platform
  • In-App engagement campaigns using SMS marketing and Push notifications
  • Promoting Brand’s App on PlayStore by using Paid-methods
  • Organically boosting App installations on the PlayStore using optimization techniques
  • Display advertising campaigns using Mobile Ad network platforms or specific publisher sites
  • Paid ad campaigns for Mobile App installations on Search Engines and Social Media platforms
  • Vicinity/Location based promotions using mobile users’ device location
  • SMS Marketing campaigns to generate leads


Handheld devices have changed the way a digital consumer browses content or engages with his/her preferred brands. The Sales Funnel has become multi-deviced and multi-channeled. A prospective customer might engage with your brand on Social Media, then visit your website to learn more about the product line, and then search your brand on the eCommerce app (downloaded on his mobile) to finally make a purchase.
Some amazing features of Mobile Marketing are:


At BTC, we find innovative ways to cash-in on Mobile as an engagement, communication, and transaction platform, by offering relevant and exhaustive Mobile marketing services.

Contact us for a tailor-made Mobile Marketing strategy for your business needs.

Mobile marketing is best used in collaboration with other advertising initiatives such as Social Media campaigns, Emailer campaigns, and/or Google search ad campaigns. Here is our approach to devising a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign:



Defining objectives – It is important to have a clear goal before initiating a Mobile Marketing campaign. Goals can be: boosting website visits, brand App installs, sales, leads, product/service awareness, or customer engagement.


2Shortlisting the best Mobile marketing methods that can help us achieve our campaign objectives.


3Streamlining targetting parameters of the campaign to derive maximum TG Reach and ROI.


4Curating ad messaging & creatives – The ad copy (or messaging) of the campaign must resonate with the TG, and the visuals used in the creatives should have an instant impact. It is advisable to use multiple ad concepts for diverse target profiles.

5Launch campaign – While Mobile Search ads and Social Network ads can be pre-scheduled, a multi-channel integrated Mobile marketing plan requires precision planning. Mediums like emailers, mobile network ads, web display ads, SMS, In-App ads, App notifications, etc have to work together in sync and capture the attention of the TG from all directions. This needs an efficient hands-on team like BTC’s!

6Tracking & optimization – Mobile is a dynamic medium that allows for instant reporting and optimizations. Mobile Ad or marketing campaigns perform well when there is a leeway for pausing/adding new creatives, or changing the settings of targetting. With so many variables in place, there is no ready mantra for success in Mobile marketing. But with smart optimizations, we can boost the cost-efficiencies of the campaign.

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