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Boost The

Credibility Quotient Of Your Website With SEO

BeyondTheClick (BTC) team excels in all contemporary SEO techniques. Our first focus is on optimizing the SEO quality of foundational elements of a business website and then move on to robust off-page strategies for boosting website rankings.

SEO can prove to be a strong weapon against your competitors in the long-run. Here's what ranking #1 on Search Engine results can do for your business:

- It means your website is trustworthy and legit!
- Customers can confidently make payments on your website.
- Your brand would be preferred by 'searchers' over businesses on page #2 of the search results page.
- Your website's on-page optimizations will result in greater User Experience, due to reasons like faster page-load time, clean URLs, SSL certification, etc
- With the implementation of right SEO techniques, your business can enjoy lifelong high-quality organic traffic and leads.

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Search Engine Optimisation
Top Reasons

Your Website Needs SEO

  • Search Engine optimized websites fetch higher traffic, engagement ratios, & conversions – organically. If your Business’s SEO game is strong, you end up spending a LOT less of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) budgets, as your site is already generating great traffic! Search Engines match what the users are looking for with the most relevant and credible websites. So, you can pivot your buyer funnel more closely and efficiently to garner ‘high-quality’ visitors to the website. As Google search engine enjoys maximum market share (about 75%), the BTC team always uses Google-prescribed SEO practices for all clients’ web pages.
  • SEO planning is like building an asset, but more affordable than other marketing campaigns – It is a long-term project AND it is an investment. But the good news is that it is an affordable, spaced-out expenditure. If you see the larger picture, the cumulative impact of all the SEO activities over time leads to a perpetual in-flow of high-converting organic traffic & leads for the business. If this is not a ‘profitable ROI’ avenue, then what is?!
  • Page #1 search engine ranking equals higher website visits. When a prospective customer ‘Googles’ “best XYZ service nearby”, he will most likely click on the first 2 or 3 business listing from the search results page and contact them. So, no matter how brilliant & beautiful your website is, if it is not ranking on the first page of the Search Engine, it kind of does not exist for the searcher. Especially those who are not aware of your brand. SEO activities become even more essential for businesses looking for expanding their Reach.


1SEO Audit – There are numerous parameters that go into fetching a website a good ranking. So, our first step is to gauge its current position from both Keywords and technical perspectives. We look into things like content quality, backlinks’ status, scope of keywords’ usage, Sitemap structure, SEO status of the images, bounce rate, broken links, etc.

SEO Audit

2Keyword Research – The first step is to do in-depth keyword research for the brand and create a bucket of keywords that’ll work best for the business. This includes an evaluation of competitors’ Keyword strategies as well. SEO is a highly-focussed and gradual process that needs many levels of strategic prioritizations. Eg. We may develop our initial SEO strategies around keyword optimizations for just 3-4 products out of client’s 20+ product line.

Keyword Research

3Content Strategy – We work on analyzing the existing website content to evaluate the scope of keyword insertions. Content revision or curation is recommended keeping in mind the SEO strategy and objectives. The content areas such as blog articles, slider banner text, image-descriptive content in individual pages, product/service descriptions, etc. are most commonly optimized for SEO.

Content Strategy

4On-page SEO – This refers to the content & technical optimizations done on individual pages, in-sync with the keyword strategy. Content-based optimizations include inserting relevant meta tags, developing SEO-friendly content, etc. Technical optimizations involve updating the website’s sitemap & URLs to suit SEO objectives, doing image optimizations, taking care of broken links, improving load time, updating Google Webmaster, getting SSL certificate in place, etc.

On Page SEO

5Off-page SEO – We undertake multi-pronged SEO activities for generating backlinks to our website, or for improving the ‘search engine credibility’ of our brand. This is done by engaging with/on online sites & social platforms that can influence our page rankings. Some off-page SEO techniques include social bookmarking, backlinked article submissions across high-ranking domains, etc.

Off-Page SEO

6Assessment & Reporting – There is no set formula for boosting a website’s Search Engine rankings. It takes a lot of optimizations, keyword list tweaking, A/B testing, and trial-&-error methods to get results. So, we regularly evaluate our strategies and share ‘next-steps’ with our clients. Performance reports are also emailed every month-end.

Assessment and Reporting

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